Julia's Game

Adventure Awaits!

Session 1

Here are the awesome notes for the session of Saturday May, 28th!

500 XP per person! (Thanks half way to level 2 folks!)

407 gold plus 439 silver (350 gp from Jack Lamp, 57 gp and 439 sp from the Rough Rider’s wagon) That’s 81 gp and 96 sp per player – if you divide it fairly.

Lucky Charm +1 (Gilded 4-leaf clover on a black, braided cord) – Taken by Clelia

Defensive Staff +1 (Not a Staff of Divinity, like I said in the session. It turns out no one can actually use that so I’m changing my mind.) – Taken by Aerick

You can bicker about who gets how much of what next session – June 10th!

I’ll see all (or some) of you there – as you approach Dawn’s Rest, the ruined temple of Pelor!



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