Julia's Game

The Crypts at Dawn's Rest

Session 2

Session Synopsis from June 11th:

You all hit level 2! Bring your current lvl 1 character along with your level 2 character for next session – 6/25/11.

The party has fought through the crypts beneath Pelor’s temple and foiled an evil attempt to desecrate it – and adopted a puppy too boot! Jack Lamp is convinced it is his god Pelor, to no one’s surprise, and has begun to worship it. On the road back to town, the group faces a mysterious man in black with a mean look about him and a proposition that is hard to refuse, “Hand Jack and the dog over to me, and I’ll give you 10,000 gold.”

Treasure & Loot:
Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern (McKex)
Fell Beast Totem (Lelani)
Skewering Spear +1 (Unclaimed. Zonald perhaps?)

Gold per player: 84 gp each



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