Julia's Game

The Death of Jack Lamp

Session 3


The PC’s refused to accept the sinister-looking Mr. Blade’s offer of cash in exchange for Jack and the dog, and leapt into combat. Mr. Blade and his two wolves were tough opponents, and the PC’s victory came with a price – the life of poor Jack Lamp.

After seeing to the remains of Jack (a fitting cremation), the PC’s returned to Rockhaven to recover before heading out to Elsinore for the tournament. That night a dream involving Pelor, and some very un-dog like activity (including creating a world in miniature) made the PC’s think there was much more to their new pet then it first appeared.

Finally, the PC’s departed for Elsinore – stopping along the way to save the travelling merchant Dando Goldblood and his adopted family from a pack of vicious gnolls. The PC’s teamed up with the merchant in exchange for a share of gold (following the sale of his wares), and together they entered the City of Peace – Elsinore.

Treasure and Gold:

500 gp (taken from Mr. Blade)
60 gp (looted from dead knights)
Total: 560 gp (112 gp / person)

Heartening Scale Armor +1 (Claimed by Brick?)
Wounding Dagger +1 (Up for grabs)



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